Что, по Вашему мнению, является препятствием для развития бизнеса в Ульяновской области?

Welcome to the Ulyanovsk Official Site for Corruption Counteraction!

A great deal of thought and effort has been given lately to address corruption both by the President of the Russian Federation and by the Head of the Government of the Russian Federation. A large number of corruption preventing laws have been approved and consecutively brought into force by federal and regional legislators here in Russia. New instruments for effective corruption counteraction are being constantly developed and implemented into state and public service.

In 2009 the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Ivanovich Morozov became the first governor in modern Russia to establish an independent regional state body aimed at corruption counteraction, which is now known as the GRCC - the Governor's Representative for Corruption Counteraction (and his Operatives). For now Ulyanovsk remains to be the only region of the Russian Federation to provide a specially appointed anti-corruption Representative. We are open to share this unique practice with Russian or foreign colleagues.

The official GRCC site you are visiting now provides files, reports and information related to corruption counteraction matters in Russia and in the Ulyanovsk region as a part of this large country. Every single legal act and regulation issued by the Government of the Ulyanovsk region and by the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region must be thoroughly analyzed by the GRCC legislation experts before it is brought into force - that is in accord with the regional law. Thus it is ensured that all corruption driven motives are eliminated and rulled out completely before any damage is done. This site grants free access to the regional legislation investigation database dated from July the 1-st, 2009.

I also ardently support anti-corruption education at schools, colleges and universities. I managed to have particular anti-corruption educational methods introduced into Ulyanovsk state schools curriculum. Teaching students what causes corruption, why corruption is historically related or what the modern ways of effective corruption counteraction are is absolutely essential to successfully address corruption issues in the upcoming years. Anti-corruption educational programs mentioned above are also available on this site.

To monitor the effectiveness of all official anti-corruption methods and techniques in use means one of my primary objectives. This is done by the Representative's operatives and me on a regular basis. Updated anti-corruption effectiveness reports are to be found here.

My colleagues and I are always open for feed-back. Just a reminder: this is an official site in Russian. In case any specific information in English is needed visitors are assisted in every way possible. Please, feel free to contact us on this site, on my Web log or by e-mail

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